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Customer and supplier focused

Our 22,000 customers range from multi-national, world famous brands to small family run businesses. Each one depends on us to provide goods and services that are safe, on-time and consistently in line with the required specification. Our customers also rely on us to help them innovate and create new opportunities.

We can only continue to meet these needs by ensuring that our business is resilient and differentiated, creating value for all stakeholders from farmers to investors, communities to governments. Across 66 countries, our team of 72,000 full-time, contract and seasonal staff work hard to achieve this.


Our value chain

Our heritage is in the sourcing (‘origination’) and traditional supply chain segments with an estimated 4.7 million farmers growing and supplying the crops we sell to customers. But we have also evolved to develop end-to-end supply chain capacity with our own plantations, concessions and farms, processing, and manufacturing. 

Our upstream farming operations include almond orchards in Australia and USA, coffee plantations in Brazil, Laos, Tanzania and Zambia, a rice farm in Nigeria, oil palm and rubber plantations in Gabon, forestry concessions in the Republic of Congo and dairy farms in Russia and Uruguay.

Our midstream processing operations include wheat mills in Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal, sugar refining in India and Indonesia, peanut ingredients in the USA as well as cocoa processing in Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, UK and USA.

Thanks to our experience in Africa, we have also built a strong downstream network to bring our products to consumers. Our Packaged Foods business manufactures, markets and sells food products such as biscuits, tomato paste and yoghurt drink products in Nigeria and Ghana.

We’re proud to have built a formidable base of knowledge and expertise in food supply chain and commodity distribution pipelines. Our relationships with farmers, distributors, and marketers around the world are built on years of trade and trust, and are one of our most valuable, unique, and enduring assets as a company.

Corporate Factsheet

We have built a global leadership position in many of our businesses such as Edible Nuts, Cocoa, Spices , Coffee, Cotton and Rice.

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Our vision

To be the most differentiated and valuable global agri-business by 2040.

Our purpose

Re-imagining Global Agriculture: Growing Responsibly

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