Herd of dairy cows grazing in a field, Uruguay, Olam.


    From butter and cheese to milk powder and whey protein, our dairy products and ingredients are consumed by families all around the world.

    Thanks to our global team of farmers, processors, traders, as well as the thousands of dairy cows on our farms, we have established a business that thrives on producing quality ingredients that meet international food safety standards, as well as multiple consumer trends without compromising on nutrition, taste or functionality.

    “From our first consignment of milk powders into Algeria in 2004, we have grown into a top 5 dairy ingredients business with extensive operations across more than 20 countries worldwide. This is built on our commitment to being the supplier of choice for our customers.”

    Sandeep Jain
    President, Dairy

    Commitment to Animal Welfare

    We care deeply about the welfare of farm animals in our production systems. We comply with all applicable laws in relation to our dairy operations in the countries in which we operate, including environmental regulations. We align our practices with internationally recognised principles for the welfare of animals in livestock production systems as set out by the World Organisation for Animal Health to maintain a high standard of animal welfare in our operations.

    Across our business we monitor changing consumer needs and trends.
    Discover More About Our Dairy Product

    We operate large-scale dairy farms integrated with our processing facilities in Russia and Uruguay. Our produce is completely traceable, consistent and meets stringent food safety standards.

    In Russia, subsidiary Rusmolco is an integrated dairy business with over 154,000 hectares of land assets involved in feed production, heifer raising, commercial crop production, elevation and seeds. It is one of the leading fresh milk producers in the country with current production of about 120 million litres per year. Rusmolco has established itself as one of the most efficient milk producers in the country with an average production of over 11,000 kgs/cow/year which is over twice the national average per cow productivity while producing some of the highest quality milk in Russia.

    In Uruguay, our subsidiary NZFSU NZFSU manages multiple dairy farms where we produce high quality raw milk which we process into milk powder and other dairy products.

    We offer a full range of dairy ingredients across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia to manufacturers and consumers.

    • Powders – Whole milk, skimmed milk and butter milk powders
    • Fat products – Butter, anhydrous milk fat and butter blends
    • Cheese – Hard, semi-hard and soft cheese, analogue cheese
    • Milk and whey protein concentrates, permeates and lactose

    We have invested in dairy product manufacturing in Malaysia and New Zealand.

    In Johor, Malaysia, our manufacturing facility produces high quality fat-filled milk powder and functional ingredients each year.

    We are also progressing our first New Zealand-based dairy processing plant at Tokoroa. Complete with employee facilities on site, the plant is expected to be fully operational in late 2022 and we will work hand-in-hand with local farmers to produce value-added dairy ingredients.

    Our dairy products are used in restaurants, homes, and kitchens around the world.

    Many small and medium-sized businesses in Africa pack our ingredients into sachets or use them to produce fresh yoghurt and flavoured milk.

    We also sell branded dairy consumer packs in several African countries including Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Nigeria. These packs include much-loved brands such as ‘FreshYo’, ‘Blueboat’, and ‘Grand Meadow’.

    Given malnutrition issues in many African countries, where possible, and without compromising on food safety and quality, we fortify our products with vitamins and minerals.

    All of these brands have won the loyalty of millions of people since we first launched them, and today they are among the top 3 in most of the countries where we sell them.

    Transforming Rusmolco into a Modern, Reliable Supplier of High Quality Milk and Agricultural Crops

    Our Dairy team in Russia shares how we are making an impact in the dairy farming industry, capitalising on the long-term competitive advantages in the sector to deliver high quality milk for the local dairy processing industry.

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