False allegations about Olam's palm plantations in Gabon

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Setting the record straight on false allegations in World Rainforest Movement’s petition about Olam’s palm plantations in Gabon

News 20th Sep, 2019

In response to the petition published by the World Rainforest Movement, we want to correct the factual inaccuracies and to strongly refute the false allegations made about our oil palm operations in Gabon.

The petition makes three allegations: 1) Olam has deforested within traditional areas of the communities of Nanga and Ferra to create palm plantations; 2) we have expanded into the village lands on the left bank of the Dola river against the consent of the communities; 3) we have not fulfilled our promises to provide support to these villages. These allegations are false and unfounded.

We want to set the record straight by sharing the facts, along with photographs and maps, to show what we are doing to conserve landscapes and support these communities in Gabon:

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