Company Information

Business Model & Strategy

Olam’s business model is built on an asset-light supply chain trading business, a core business which has been the engine of growth over the past 28 years and remains at the heart of our growth strategy even as we embark on expanding our upstream and midstream/downstream activities selectively.

Shareholding Structure

Olam was established in 1989 by the Kewalram Chanrai Group (KC Group), one of the oldest international companies in Africa and Asia with more than 150 years of trading history. Over the past 28 years, Olam has developed into a global agri-business headquartered in Singapore with market leadership positions in many of its businesses. Our success has enabled us to attract co-sponsors, strategic and long term investors, as well as world-class institutional investors, providing stability and business and financial strength to the Company.


Our Company reports our financial results quarterly and holds media and analyst meetings for these announcements. You can read about our reporting metrics, access our results webcasts, or check out our interactive financial analysis tool. 


Olam is committed to observing high standards of corporate governance and harnessing these practices in keeping with its overarching philosophy of delivering sustainable, profitable growth and building capabilities with integrity. The Board constantly reviews the Company’s corporate governance practices and seeks to align its practices with the Code of Corporate Governance. Sustainability and stakeholder engagement remain our core focus.

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