Delivering the Fruits of Labour

Delivering the Fruits of Labour

Approximately 3,500 of our 31,500 planted hectares have now reached the three-year mark and are producing fresh fruit bunches or FFB. We are on track to complete Phase 1 development of 50,000 hectares by 2017.

Note: The developed area in Awala represents 36% of total concession area with the balance 64% being conservation area. In Mouila, developed area represents 47% and conservation area 45% of total concession area.
Planting schedule
Hectares  Up till 2015 2016  2017 Total
Awala 6,502 300 6,802
Mouila 24,998 12,400 5,800 43,198
Total 31,500 12,700 5,800 50,000


Supramaniam R. Ramasamy President & Global Head, Palm and Rubber Plantations

Supramaniam R. Ramasamy joined Olam International in September 2011 as Global Head of Plantation in Palm and Rubber based in Malaysia. He has 32 years’ experience in upstream and midstream businesses in palm, rubber and cocoa. He has also led large scale sustainable land development in Indonesia for 12 years. Prior to Olam, he had worked with Guthrie’s, Good Hope and Felda Global Ventures in Malaysia. Supramaniam holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and a Master in Plantation Management from Agricultural University of Malaysia (UPM).

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