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    Issue 1/2017: Scaling and Transforming Olam Cocoa to Spur Growth

    A year ago, Olam Cocoa completed the acquisition of ADM’s cocoa business at an enterprise value of US$1.2 billion, becoming a top three global processor and the world’s foremost supplier of cocoa beans and cocoa products.

    In this first and bumper issue of Olam Insights for 2017 (aptly so as it addresses one of Olam’s largest business platforms), our Cocoa team shares their experiences of integrating the largest acquisition ever made by Olam and their journey to create value across the cocoa supply chain with a renewed focus – from bean sourcing, processing and market research, to risk management and product innovation.

    One year on: transforming a global cocoa business 
    Gerard A. Manley, Managing Director & CEO, Olam Cocoa

    It’s been a busy year for Olam Cocoa following the completion of the acquisition of ADM’s cocoa business. Gerry provides a comprehensive year in review and insights into the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

    Cocoa market knowledge, risks and opportunities
    Amit Suri, Chief Operating Officer, Olam Cocoa

    Amit explains how Olam Cocoa managed to overcome a challenging macro environment and volatile market conditions to deliver significant successes in 2016.

    The value drivers behind bean origination 
    Manoj Vashista, Global Head of Beans, Olam Cocoa
    With contributions from Arouna Coulibaly, Head of Olam Cocoa for Côte d’Ivoire and Simon Brayn-Smith, Head of Olam Cocoa Sustainability

    With a fully integrated cocoa supply chain from beans to products, Olam has been able to leverage multiple value drivers, including sustainability, to enhance its leadership position in the global cocoa sector as it focuses on increasing volumes while optimising its global footprint.

    Extracting value from bean to product
    Tejinder Singh Saraon, Global Head of Processing, Olam Cocoa
    With contributions from Jeff Pfalzgraf, Global Head of Manufacturing, Olam Cocoa and Yeong Chye, Global Business Head (APAC), Olam Cocoa

    Teji and Jeff explain how a sharp focus on cost and productivity has enabled our manufacturing plants to run at full speed despite 2016 having the worst cocoa bean yields in 30 years. Yeong Chye shares the emerging market trends in Asia that will position us well for future growth.

    Product innovation: a sustainable competitive advantage 
    Rinus Heemskerk, Global Head of Product Development and Innovation, Olam Cocoa

    Olam’s Cocoa Innovation Centres are at the heart of its successful offerings. Rinus tells how innovation in close collaboration with customers has enabled Olam to introduce new product concepts and refine existing products.


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