Olam Insights

    Issue 1/2019: Digital Olam in the making

    Digital is not a buzzword anymore; it is central to business across all sectors. Exponential growth in data, ubiquitous connectivity of people and things, and leaps in computing power are driving re-invention and innovation in business models and products. Workflow and operations are being digitalised to meet shifting customer expectations. Disruption brings new experiences. New technology is being deployed to underpin rapidly transforming digital capabilities, giving rise to new businesses.

    In this issue of Olam Insights, we focus on Digital Olam – a function within the organisation actively shaping Olam 2.0 for the future. With ‘Digital’ being one of the four key enablers to execute our strategic pathways, our digital team has made the case for an emerging Digital Olam that will positively disrupt the way we operate and interact with our stakeholders throughout supply chains and transform the way we work.


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      Olam Insights Issue 1/2019
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