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    Issue 1/2015: Forging Ahead Creating a Secure Future for Almonds and Californian Agriculture

    Californian agriculture is prospering through sustained efforts in developing the right focus and partnerships in infrastructure, research and development, technology and agronomy. With suitable climate and soil conditions, the future of our almonds investments and of the wider agricultural sector in California remains bright.

    Californian agriculture: Still a winning proposition

    California has experienced its fair share of droughts, but the current drought is now entering its fourth consecutive year and is posing new challenges not historically seen before. We see an increase in population, ageing infrastructure, and an increase in crop diversity. We see rationalisation, consolidation and diversification within the industry as it copes with the likely near-term and long-term impact. Having studied the Californian model of agriculture closely, we are confident that it will prosper especially for the select crops where California remains the dominant and most cost-effective producer of these crops. Read more.

    Ashok Krishen, Managing Director & Global Head, Edible Nuts

    The almond water footprint in California: myths and realities

    The state, together with independent efforts by the agricultural community, has significantly helped improve water efficiencies and irrigation techniques. Olam is supporting the industry through further research and technology developments to utilise water more efficiently. Read more.

    Dave DeFrank, Senior Vice President – Almonds, US

    Growing Californian almonds responsibly

    Optimising water use is one of the greatest contributions that Olam can make to global food security, and forms one of the key pillars in our Sustainability vision. In California, our almonds team is working with various external experts, in areas including water management, soil health, biodiversity, bee health and in exploring innovative ways to grow our business responsibly. Read more.

    Alejandra Sanchez, Sustainability Lead, Ag Operations, US

    Preparing for the future of almonds: the next 10 years

    World almond consumption has grown 10% per annum over the last five years and we see strong indicators that sustained growth will continue in the US and in developing markets. We are determined to make positive contributions and grow a healthy almond supply chain in California and Australia through our field-to-market expertise, practices and people. Read more.

    Damien Houlahan, Executive General Manager – Almonds, Australia

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