Issue 2/2017: Olam Spices: Replicating Success Across Regions

Issue 2/2017: Olam Spices: Replicating Success Across Regions

Olam’s Spices business already has a clear and sustainable growth platform anchored on its leadership position in the USA. However its longer term future will be defined and its business differentiated by its spices supply chains which are being developed in Asia, Middle East and South America as part of its global strategy.

In this second issue of Olam Insights for 2017, the Olam Spices team discusses how they have been sowing the seeds of growth in Vietnam, China, India, Egypt and Brazil to develop a competitive edge and capitalise on future market opportunities.

Positioning for future growth through integrated supply chains
Greg Estep, Managing Director & CEO, Olam Spices

Olam Spices leading market position is the result of a highly targeted growth strategy and we are positioning ourselves for growth by selectively integrating our supply chains and building differentiation through responsible farming, sourcing and origin processing across our global network.

India: Spicing up the world with clean, sustainable products 
Munish Minocha, Senior Vice President, Olam Spices

Demand for safe, clean and sustainable products is the key reason for our Sustainable Spices Programmes in India, which centre on sourcing and marketing spices that are traceable and farmed in a sustainable manner.

Vietnam: Leading the pack through value chain integration 
Nitin Bansal, Vice President, Olam Spices Vietnam

From upstream pepper farming to midstream processing, Olam Spices is participating in Vietnam’s comparative advantage in pepper production and the growth in demand for origin grinds.

Egypt: Replicating USA success 
Vinayak Narain, Senior Vice President, Olam Spices

Olam pioneered the production of the world’s highest yielding and highest solids content onions in Egypt, and has developed cost advantages by combining the best of USA seed and Egyptian production.

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