As Southeast Asia’s largest economy, with a major agricultural focus, Indonesia’s importance to Olam is self-evident.

Since 1996, we have gradually built up our presence in this vast country from a simple trader to large scale midstream player.  We buy cocoa, coffee, palm, sugar, nutmeg, and black and white pepper from more than 400,000 farmers, collectors and suppliers throughout the archipelago.

We are the largest exporter of Robusta coffee and a leading exporter of Arabicas in Indonesia with a combined market share of approximately 15%. We are also the largest exporter of cocoa products. But we recognise that smallholder communities need support to improve quality and yields, particularly in the face of climate change. We therefore run some of the most extensive sustainable sourcing programmes in the country.

We also help to create value through midstream participation in sugar refining; management of cocoa processing operations for BT Cocoa Indonesia; and most recently by joining hands with the world’s fourth largest and Asia’s largest sugar producer Mitr Phol for large scale sugar milling and refining.

We provide direct employment to 800 employees and 1,325 seasonal workers who work closely with our suppliers in locations from North Sumatra through the heartlands of Java to the eastern region of Sulawesi.

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Meet The Team

Our 800 employees and 1,325 seasonal workers work with more than 400,000 Indonesian farmers, collectors and suppliers.

Prakash Jhanwer Country Head, Indonesia and Regional Controller, SE Asia

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