Our Laotian subsidiary – Outspan Bolovens Ltd (OBL) – sits at an altitude of 1,250 metres.

This climate and landscape provides the growing conditions to support our mission to produce some of the finest estate-specific certified specialty coffee in the world.

The first in our coffee plantation portfolio, our Laos team is joined by coffee plantation teams in Brazil, Tanzania and Zambia. To date, 1,300 hectares have been planted for the supply of niche coffee markets worldwide, with a total of 2,000 hectares to be eventually planted. 

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Through our Olam Livelihood Charter programme, we support more than 1,700 coffee farmers near our plantation to improve production yields – an example of how large-scale farmers can work hand in hand with smallholders to create value. The plantation is UTZ/Rainforest Alliance certified.

To see where our estates are, follow the below links: 

Khongtoun Estate 

Phetlamka Estate

Mt. Thevada Estate

Xekatam Estate

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Meet The Team

OBL now has over 100 employees and 700 seasonal workers covering three coffee estates and related operations. 

Abhishek Sharma Country Head, Laos

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