Since 2009, we have owned and operated 12,000 hectares of almond orchards, across 11 farms in the Sunraysia growing region of Victoria. We mainly grow non-Pareil, Carmel and Price almonds.

Almonds require a Mediterranean climate and are therefore commercially produced in only a few locations worldwide. Coupled with our California almond orchards, this means we can deliver almonds to consumers around the world on an almost constant basis.

Our highly mechanised farms utilise latest irrigation infrastructure and technology. We adopt the latest agronomy practices to produce maximum yields and superior quality almonds, and minimise pestilence.

Our almonds are processed at our own state-of-the-art facilities to ensure consistent product quality, traceability and food safety. Olam has its own established marketing and distribution network in all major almond consuming regions, which enables us to provide superior customer service in all markets.


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Olam Almonds Australia

Australian almonds grow counter cyclically; when almonds are out of season in other large almond-growing regions like the US, they are in season here.  Find out more about our Almond operations in Australia here.

Careers in Australia

Our people are the architects or our future. We don’t just recruit the best talent we can, we also trust them to preserve and renew our company culture.  Key to our success is our respect and inclusion of all, and our commitment to providing personal growth and development opportunities and the freedom and autonomy to work within defined boundaries. 

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