Our Australian cotton business continues to trade as Queensland Cotton, a renowned and trusted brand with legacy dating back to 1921.

Today, we are the largest cotton merchant in the Australia. We procure, pack and export raw cotton from all cotton growing regions of Australia, delivering to major consuming markets globally. Our risk management solutions help some of the world’s best cotton growers produce with confidence.

Our 10 state-of-the-art ginning facilities across Queensland and New South Wales complement our cottonseed business, delivering to the domestic and international oilseed crushing and stock feed markets.

Our long-term relationships are entrenched in the way we do business and we are committed to supporting the regional communities where we operate. 

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Olam Almonds Australia

Australian almonds grow counter cyclically; when almonds are out of season in other large almond-growing regions like the US, they are in season here.  Find out more about our Almond operations in Australia here.

Careers in Australia

Our people are the architects or our future. We don’t just recruit the best talent we can, we also trust them to preserve and renew our company culture.  Key to our success is our respect and inclusion of all, and our commitment to providing personal growth and development opportunities and the freedom and autonomy to work within defined boundaries. 

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