Colombian coffee is enjoyed by coffee lovers across the world

Perfect growing conditions producing enough Arabica to make it the country’s top export. We have therefore invested in operations buying directly from farmers throughout the coffee belt, supported by 7 warehousing and 3 processing facilities, and linking customers to various profiles and varieties of coffee. 

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Our direct presence also allows us to offer training, logistical and financial solutions to coffee farmers and intermediaries, helping us become a trusted partner for the local coffee community.

In addition to our mainstream offerings, we are striving to become a leader in the specialty and certified coffee segments. Overall, our commitment to customers on quality and reliability has been the main driver of our business success; today we are among the top 5 private coffee exporters in the country.

Colombia is not just renowned for its coffee, but also its teak. Based out of the port city of Cartagena, we are the largest exporters of plantation teak from Colombia, primarily for Asian destinations. We carry out due diligence of our suppliers to ensure that we participate in legally sourced timber which is in compliance with all Ecuadorian laws.

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We employ nearly 200 people across over 10 locations. 

Amit Batra Country Head, Colombia

“With our investments in Colombia we are committed to contributing to the farmers and communities we work with, and ensuring better livelihoods for them.”

Amit Batra
Country Head, Colombia

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