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As market leader of rice supply in Cameroon, Olam is playing a vital role of supporting Cameroon’s food security efforts. We provide Cameroonians nationwide with the best quality of a wide variety of rice grades at affordable prices. Our flagship brands Riz Mémé and Riz Bijou are amongst the most recognisable brands. From 2012-2016 the Olam Cameroon Rice Team saved over 50 million servings of rice by adopting simple protocols to reduce food losses across the segments of the supply chain under their control. Read the full case study here.

Today we are approximately 1,000 people working both as permanent and seasonal staff across all business operations. Olam Cameroon is optimistic about the future of agri-business in Cameroon and is committed to increasing investments and scope with the agriculture and food sector.

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We employ nearly 250 people across three locations

Rahul Mittal Country Head, Cameroon

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