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Since receiving our trading license in 1998, we have built an extensive network across the country, buying from around 120,000 farmers and directly supporting around 26,000 farmers under the Olam Livelihood Charter. At our processing facility in Kumasi, we manufacture 3 distinct cocoa liquor recipes at a fully automated plant that complies with the highest international safety and quality standards. We then export these liquors to customers across 5 continents under the UNICAO Ghana brand. 

We are the largest exporter of cashew from Ghana, supporting some 25,000 farmers under the Olam Livelihood Charter in the Sampa and Techiman areas. We help them to improve the quality and yields of their crop as well as provide them with the infrastructure and credit to secure and enhance their livelihoods. We are the first company to offer Organic certified cashew from Ghana.

We source wheat grains from all over the world for processing at our state-of-the-art mill in Tema. Under stringent food safety standards, we produce specially designed flours for baking applications ranging from sandwich bread, pastry and confectionery, French baguette and pasta, biscuit and noodles. Brands include First Choice, Royal Gold, Adepa, and Vital and these are distributed within Ghana and for export to Togo, Benin, Niger and Burkina Faso.

To help meet the region’s health needs, our flours are fortified with micro-nutrients. Our in-house bakery provides product development insights and training to bakers across the country.

Under our subsidiary 'Nutrifoods Ghana', we operate the the largest biscuits company in the country, producing household brands such as Milky Magic, Perk, as well as the best-selling biscuit brand in the country: King Cracker.

We produce 2,000 metric tonnes of biscuits monthly and supply them to 50,000 stores in 150 towns across the country through our 166 distributors. 

We operate Africa’s second largest tomato mix facility and the only one where the paste can be both processed and canned under the same roof. Like all our products, we ensure that our pastes pass rigorous safety and quality checks, and that our operations run efficiently for a reduced environmental footprint.  We offer 2 major brands: Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix and Festin Tomato Mix. More than 100 distributors help us to bring these products to consumers. 

We import rice and distribute in Ghana and more widely in West Africa under the market leading brands Royal Feast, Royal Aroma, and Mama Africa. 

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We employ over 1500 people in more than 130 locations

Amit Agrawal Country Head, Ghana

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Gender Mainstreaming in Agriculture

Kennedy Ntoso, Head of Olam Cocoa Sustainability (Ghana) talks about his involvement with the Gender Sub Working Group (GSWG) of Ghana’s Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) programme.

Digestive Biscuit for the Health Conscious

Olam Ghana and a market leader in the production of top-grade biscuits, has entered the health biscuits category with the launch of its first premium oats digestive biscuit under the its new Heath Brand Nutrisnax.

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