Cashews in Ghana
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Technology delivers economic inclusion for farmers and traceability for customers

In 2018 we rolled out a propriety solution of integrated apps which track products from farm to factory-gate.

In excess of 5,400 farmers are registered on the system, giving them access to transparent pricing, agricultural inputs and farming advice throughout the year. By removing speculation of intermediaries, famers see an incremental increase in their income. We benefit from stronger relationships with our growing community and better market insight which we can share with our customers. 

Micro-collectors are employed by Olam on a commission basis to collect crops directly from farmers and bring them to our warehouses. This cost-effective sourcing creates secure local employment. The quality of each collection is assessed onsite, crops of similar quality are aggregated at source, improving the consistency and quality of goods ultimately delivered to our customers.  

We can trace our product back to farmer group level and have an end-to-end chain of custody. Through our AtSource offering, we can share this information with our customers.

If you are already an Olam customer and would like to benefit from our AtSource service, contact your Olam Business Advisor today. 

AtSource Plus

AtSource is a sustainable sourcing solution, created by Olam. It helps customers to understand the footprint of their products by tracking environmental and social metrics at each stage of their journey.

The insights can be used to improve farmer livelihoods, protect people’s rights and optimise natural resources. It builds across 3 tiers with progressively enhanced levels of impact, verification, insight and information.

Cashew programmes in Ghana joined the AtSource Plus programme in 2019, with approximately 1,200 farmers registered. The data generated through AtSource forms the basis of our sustainability action plan. 

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