Tomato Mix in Ghana
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Tasty Tom Tomato Mix

Tomato mix is central to the diet of most households in West Africa. It is used to prepare jollof rice, stews, soups and various other dishes. We launched ‘Tasty Tom’ in 2008 and have become the largest tomato mix brand in Ghana, proving popular with Ghanaian consumers because of the rich colour, flavour, thickness and more recently, convenience!

By understanding our consumers' needs, we became the first company in West Africa to enrich our tomato paste with fibre and vitamins.

We also cater for the convenience needs of our consumers by creating a range of different sizes and formats from 70g single use sachets, to 2.2kg family cans. The recently launch of Jollof Mix is a convenient solution, reducing cooking time for a nutritious family meal from 2 and half hours to 45 minutes.

We sell tomato mix under 2 brands – Tasty Tom and Festin, both are widely available across the country. 

Festin Tomato Mix

Festin Tomato Mix was first introduced into Mali, Burkino Faso, Togo and Niger in 2008 and into Ghana in 2015. Produced in Ghana and exported across West African markets, it is available in 70g, 210g, 400g and sizes.

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