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Our team consists of more than 1,200 people in three locations.

Christian Schwarz, Olam's Country Head of Congo.
Christian Schwarz Country Head, Republic of Congo
Sunset over a river in the Republic of Congo, Olam.

Focusing on Sustainability

Within the Republic of Congo, we operate a pioneering REDD+ initiative to realise value from the standing forest (92,530 hectares) in our Pikounda Nord concession, which is located in the Sangha region in the heart of the Congo River Basin. The objective of this pilot initiative is to generate alternative revenues from sustainably managed forest landscapes by valuing the forest as a carbon sink and to originate carbon credits for the pre-compliance Voluntary Carbon market. This market is considered best practice and recognised by the global carbon community as able to generate solid and marketable credits. Read more here.

In addition to the Pikounda Nord REDD+, CIB is partnering with the Republic of Congo on a proposal to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

The FCPF, which became operational in June 2008, is a global partnership focused on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, forest carbon stock conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+). The FCPF has 44 REDD Country Participants (17 in Africa, 16 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 11 in Asia-Pacific). The World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and United Nations Development Programme are delivery partners under the Readiness Fund and are responsible for providing REDD+ readiness support services to distinct countries.

In 2014 the proposal put forward by the Republic of Congo in partnership with Olam, was accepted. The World Bank is now providing funding for the full development of the programme proposal, and once implemented and the emissions verified, will purchase a number of carbon credits.

We have piloted a ground-breaking process to ensure the involvement of indigenous people in our forest management initiatives. With the support of The Forest Trust and Fondation Chirac, Biso na Biso (meaning ‘Between Us’) was the first community radio station to broadcast in local languages across the Congo Basin. Since 2007, it has enabled CIB and indigenous communities to share information and ensure that social, cultural and religious needs are respected. CIB also worked with the communities to GPS map sacred trees and groves, and valuable living areas.

Given that our operations are in a very remote area, we have invested in infrastructure to ensure the wellbeing of our employees which also benefits the surrounding indigenous communities. This includes building modern housing, schools, hospitals, sports fields and even a television station.  

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