The Olam Podcast

    In this podcast series, we interview the innovators, scientists, and business and non-profit entrepreneurs who are reimagining agribusiness and food supply, and working to transform our world.

    Join your host, Briony Mathieson, Chief Marketing Officer for Olam Food Ingredients (OFI), in this carefully curated collection of adventures and insights, as each 10-minute episode travels the world, exploring places through the eyes of the people who know first-hand what it takes to not only innovate but enable and empower change. 

    We visit places like dry riverbeds in Senegal that have been newly brought to life with heat-tolerant wheat; an Indonesian national park around which, coffee farmers are being encouraged to use sustainable practices; and smallholder farms in Ethiopia where a modeling tool is cracking the code on applying best practices for food security.

    Episode 1: Thriving In The Heat

    In this episode, Dr. Filippo Bassi describes how his team developed a strain of heat-tolerant wheat now being successfully cultivated in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Bassi's project won the 2017 Olam Prize (applications for the 2021 Prize are being accepted until March 15, 2021).

    Episode 2: It Takes A Community

    In this episode, Dr. Tomaso Ceccarelli talks about his team’s use of data to optimize smallholder farm yields of staple crops in food insecure areas. Dr. Ceccarelli’s project won the 2019 Olam Prize (applications for the 2021 Prize are being accepted until March 15, 2021).

    Episode 3: A Novel Sustainability Solution

    In this episode, Matt Leggett, Senior Advisor for Terrestrial at the Wildlife Conservation Society talks about a novel partnership to protect the forests of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Parts in southern Sumatra.

    Episode 4: From Weeds to Seeds

    In this episode, Derek Azevedo, Executive Vice President at Bowles Farming Company, talks about a project to restore a natural habitat grew into something much more.

    Episode 5: The Secrets of Scale

    In this episode, Robert Gould, senior facilitator, and Suzannah Sosman, project manager, at Ag Innovations in California explore bringing together and facilitating collaborative solutions to sustainability challenges.

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