The Zaan is both the name of a river and the district through which it flows in North Holland. it is also where deZaan’s legacy began in 1911 when 4 entrepreneurs founded the N.V. Chocoladefabriek De Zaan. In 1916, Mr. Jan Huysman became the sole owner, and went on to develop the deZaan cocoa factory into the world’s largest processor of cocoa products.

Since then, the brand has expanded worldwide and become synonymous with quality cocoa ingredients. In 2015 deZaan became Olam's global premium cocoa brand. Built on a tradition of excellence and innovation, deZaan continues to lead the industry in performance, variety and technical superiority. 

Foodservice and Catering Sectors

The launch of deZaan Cocoa will allow chefs, bakers and pâtissiers to go beyond the limits of working with chocolate and standard cocoas for the very first time.

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