Starting in 1994 in Valencia, Spain, Macao Commodity Trading (MCT) has grown to become a leading supplier of cocoa powder to the chocolate, beverage and biscuit industries. In 2005, MCT and Olam created a joint venture as Solimar Food Ingredients. The partnership provided Olam with access to a modern, cocoa milling facility and MCT was able to tap into Olam’s global cocoa bean sourcing network.

In 2011, Olam acquired a majority MCT shareholding and the Macao brand is now an integral part of Olam Cocoa’s operations under the Olam Food Ingredients Spain business entity. With a wealth of technical experience, a state-of-the-art laboratory and warehousing facilities, the Macao brand is recognised globally for the superior value, best-in-class quality, consistency and flavour profiles of its cocoa powders.

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