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Our wide range of chillies vary in colour, caramelisation, and heat levels. Looking for a more authentic flavour? Check out our line of specialty peppers.

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We have been working with our growers in India for over 2 decades, producing the full heat spectrum of chilli peppers. 

We are able to offer customised blends, adjusting the colour, flavour and heat of our paprika, chilli pepper, and chilli powders so they are a perfect match with our customers’ requirements.

As the largest organic chilli grower and processor in the U.S.A. we can supply a wide range of products that meet consumers' growing desire for organic foods.

We produce chillies from New Mexico and India. Our diverse supply chain means we can deliver a fresh supply all year round and stay resilient in the face of weather events and other disruptions.

As we work directly with growers and farmer-partners, we have full oversight of growing practices, excellent access to ingredients, and control over the standards of storage and transportation.

Our extensive investments in the chillies category has established total supply chain controls to ensure the finest quality and most reliable supply.

We use inline natural steam sterilisation and proprietary processes to reduce pathogens at our processing facilities.

We use drones and other agricultural technologies throughout our New Mexico operations to improve sustainability through more efficient and effective crop management. For example, we are able to identify water stressed areas as well as early detection of pests and diseases to concentrate crop inputs exactly where they are needed and to increase yields.

With approximately 900 growers in India alone, we are actively working towards continuous improvement of our farmers' livelihoods.

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Thanks to our global network and our close relationships with growers, we’re the world’s number one for spices, garlic, onions, capsicum and specialty vegetables.

Taking sustainability mainstream

Olam launches AtSource which delivers supply chain insights and data to drive transformational change for farmers, rural communities and planet.

Chillies - Olam Livelihood Charter

In India, Olam Spices provides comprehensive, regular training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Find out more about our efforts. 

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