Onion and Garlic

Discover our onion range:

We offer the widest range of onion fractions—from sliced to minced to powdered—and even offer both organic and toasted products.

Discover our garlic range:

We offer the widest range of garlic fractions—from chopped to minced to powdered—and even offer both organic and roasted products.

We maintain a constant focus on product quality. For example, our farmer-partners use our proprietary seed variety, and we ensure that all our produce is dried and milled in a way that locks in its natural flavours and colours.

Our comprehensive product line includes a wide range of conventional and organic products that are organic, gluten-free, Halal, and Kosher certified as well as non-GMO project verified. All of our products are low/no allergen and foreign material free.

We also keep in touch with exactly what our customers want. We can offer blending, toasting and customised specification capabilities so they are a perfect match with our customers’ requirements.

For each product we produce, we make sure we have a presence in at least 75% of the major growing regions of the world.

With garlic, for example, we are one of the very few companies with a dominant presence in both California and China, the world’s primary garlic-producing regions.

We produce onions throughout California and Egypt and our diverse supply chain means we can give our customers what they need all year round and stay resilient in the face of weather events and other kinds of disruption. 

Because we keep control of so many aspects of our production, we can guarantee excellent food safety and risk management from field to factory.

For example, most of our crops are grown from our in-house proprietary seed, our processing facilities are BRC audited, and we do our harvesting, processing, warehousing, and marine logistics in-house.

As we have a presence in so many countries, we have excellent origin and market intelligence, so we can help our buyers make better purchasing decisions.

We are always looking at how we can be more ethical, sustainable, socially responsible and climate-friendly. We think it just makes business sense.

For example, we produce our dehydrated onion using two thirds less water than the global average.

In the last few years we’ve reduced our annual water consumption by 75 million litres.

And we’ve reduced the greenhouse gas emissions from our Fernley plant in Nevada by 2,600 metric tonnes.

Discover others in the range:

Thanks to our global network and our close relationships with growers, we’re the world’s number one for spices, garlic, onions, capsicum and specialty vegetables.

Innovating for the future

Ingredients as you like them

At our Innovation and Quality Center in Fresno, California, our technical team works to make sure we’re continuously improving to bring value to our customers.
A rack of glass test tubes in Olam's Quality and Innovation centre, where we ensure we are continuously improving to bring value to our customers, USA.

Taking agricultural sustainability mainstream – Olam launches AtSource

Supply chain insights and data to drive transformational change for farmers, rural communities and planet.
Bulb of garlic being hand picked off a mechanical sorter, Olam.

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