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From whole to ground we have the customisation capabilities to meet any application need.

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We offer whole, steam sterilised and customised specifications for black and white pepper using world-class manufacturing facilities.

With 2 of our own pepper plantations in Vietnam and Brazil we are able to ensure traceability back to every planted block of pepper, ensuring a similar flavour profile every time.

Farm-level sourcing is managed in-origin by Olam personnel, ensuring quality and product safety, supported by stringent in-facility testing protocols to ensure security and safety. This farm-level relationship provides customers complete traceability from farm to factory.

We have ownership or active engagement in every stage of the supply chain to ensure our customers unparalleled traceability and food security.

We use inline natural steam sterilisation and multi-stage cleaning while processing our pepper with extended grinding equipment to match all customers’ needs. 

We are constantly striving towards continuous improvement of farmer livelihoods and communities with long-term, positive support. We have a dedicated team that works with over 200 farmers to manage Olam’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme to monitor and guide the use of inputs. 

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Thanks to our global network and our close relationships with growers, we’re the world’s number one for spices, garlic, onions, capsicum and specialty vegetables.

Ingredients as you like them

At our Innovation and Quality Centre in Fresno, California, our technical team works to make sure we’re continuously improving to bring value to our customers.

Taking sustainability mainstream

Olam launches AtSource which delivers supply chain insights and data to drive transformational change for farmers, rural communities and planet.

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