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With a wide array of tropical spices and world class processing facilities, we have the customisation capabilities to meet any application need.

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We do everything we can to give our customers the best possible quality and variety. For example, we have discovered that if we use advanced roller and pin mills which generate less powder and heat, we can preserve the essential oils which give spices their intense flavour.

We also preserve oils with a unique cryogenic milling technique, and use artificial ice to grind them at approximately -20°C.

As we have the largest spice-processing facility in Asia, use multiple mesh sizes which maintain the quality of our tropical spices, we offer our customers unparalleled quality and variety.

As we have a presence in so many spice-producing countries and regions, we are able to offer customers a guaranteed supply, while our economies of scale enable us to manage the political, currency and crop risks. Our networks and direct buying help us to avoid delivery delays.

Thanks to our ability to gather market intelligence from so many locations, we are able to make purchases at the right time, reducing costs for customers.

We monitor the safety of our tropical spices at every stage of our operations to make sure that they are safe, wholesome and ready-to-eat.

We use steam sterilisation to clean and process ensuring our spices are cleaner than the industry standard.

As we keep a tight control of the whole supply chain, from growing and harvesting to processing, storage and transit, we can protect the spices’ natural flavour.

We undertake a number of sustainability initiatives to improve the economic, social and environmental impact of our spice range. Our processing plants pay competitive wages, offer training and advancement opportunities, and are safe places for all our employees to work.


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Thanks to our global network and our close relationships with growers, we’re the world’s number one for spices, garlic, onions, capsicum and specialty vegetables.

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At our Innovation and Quality Centre in Fresno, California, our technical team works to make sure we’re continuously improving to bring value to our customers.

Taking sustainability mainstream

Olam launches AtSource which delivers supply chain insights and data to drive transformational change for farmers, rural communities and planet.

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