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    We are a universal supplier of cotton to the world’s textile markets.

    We source from the four major growing regions – Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia – and are supported by significant investments in gins and logistics infrastructure.  This leadership in the raw cotton supply chain enables us to assure quality.

    Using the latest technology, our world-class ginning systems help improve fibre quality, benefiting both the grower and spinning mill. Through our standards, highly trained operators, and stringent maintenance programmes, we’ve been able to enhance farmer and customer confidence to produce superior and consistent quality cotton safely. We are the largest private ginner in the world.

    "As a leading global cotton merchant, we are able to leverage our knowledge and expertise to assist farmers and ginners to obtain a fair price for their cotton, as well as to provide guidance on better crop management practices. This, in turn, provides us with a consistent supply of good quality cotton."

    Ashok Hegde
    Managing Director and CEO, Cotton and Edible Oils

    Seven Principles for Improving Economic Opportunity

    Smallholder farmers are the foundation of the global agriculture and food sector. It’s estimated that they produce around 30% of total crop production, making them critical to global food security.

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