Bright yellow, orange and deep red fresh fruit bunches in Africa, Olam.

    Sourcing & Trading

    We leverage our sourcing, trading and supply chain expertise across the globe to meet the needs of our palm, soybean and sunflower oils customers.

    Combined with our advanced risk management expertise and tools we’re able to help manage supply, off-take and risk for customers across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

    Our palm oil supply chain originates from our own plantations in Gabon as well as from third-party suppliers in Indonesia and Malaysia.

    We’re committed to working towards a traceable and transparent palm oil supply chain that supports: no deforestation of high carbon stock (HCS) or high conservation value (HCV) forests and ecosystems; no development of peatland; zero burning, and upholds responsible labour practices, respecting the rights of local communities.

    Our palm oil from our Gabon plantations is fully traceable and produced under RSPO defined terms. 

    Third Party Sourcing

    For our third-party sourcing of palm oil we’re working with our suppliers to ensure they uphold our commitments under our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy. We prioritise buying from RSPO members and 90 per cent of our palm oil is sourced from suppliers who are RSPO members. Any supplier found to be non-compliant will be investigated and corrective actions sought, and we’ll cease trading with suppliers that don’t implement corrective actions within 12 months.

    As an early adopter of the World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Watch monitoring tool, GFW Pro, we’ve mapped over 1,000 mills in our supply chain and use the tool to review risks and to engage suppliers directly on supply chain monitoring. 

    Palm Dashboard

    Through our Palm Dashboard we chart the progress we’ve made against our roadmap of commitments detailed in the Sustainable Palm Oil Policy. This is published on a quarterly basis.

    Talk to Our Team

    Whether you’re interested in speaking to our country management team, enquiring about one of our products or partnering with us, we want to hear from you.

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