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In Africa, we have facilities in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal helping these countries to reduce import costs of refined wheat. With an unrelenting focus on food safety, innovation and cost efficiencies, we produce a range of quality flours for breads, baguettes, pasta noodles, biscuits, semolina and confectionery.

In addition, we market wheat and maize to many countries in Southern Africa, and We are expanding into North and West Africa. From our Durban office, we run our Atlantic freight desk, procurement, and risk management for all our mills.

More recently, we have entered the Animal Feeds and Protein sector in Nigeria, which is also helping to stimulate rural communities and support domestic food security.

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“Although Olam is a relatively new entrant to the grains space, we have chosen to participate in niche segments rather than in mainstream trade flows where the global majors are well entrenched. This niche yet scalable growth strategy is working well for us.”

KC Suresh
Olam Grains CEO

Creating value and reducing import costs for Nigeria

Prior to our acquisition of Crown Flour Mill (CFM) in Nigeria in 2010, which has 2 port-based milling facilities in Lagos and Warri, millers imported most of the wheat from the United States. This quality but high value import creates a substantial foreign exchange burden on Nigeria. With around US$450 million invested in modern milling plants and CFM technical innovations, we have been able to develop a milling process that uses wheat from different origins, which in turn has led to imports saving of almost US$40 million for the country.

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Feed Mill Hatchery & Breeder Farms

President Muhammadu Buhari inaugurates Olam’s poultry feed mill, hatchery and breeder farms in Nigeria

Olam Enters Animal Feed Business

Olam's expansion involves investments in setting up poultry and fish feed mills as well as hatcheries to produce day-old-chicks.

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