White chickens feeding from a central trough in Olam's breeding farm, Nigeria.

    Animal Feeds & Protein

    We’re stimulating the Nigerian poultry and fish farming sector.

    In September 2017, we inaugurated Nigeria’s largest poultry feed mill and day-old-chick facilities in Kaduna State. Concurrently, we started production at our integrated poultry and fish feed mill in Kwara State.

    Through our facilities, we’re stimulating the Nigerian poultry and fish-farming sector by providing local farmers and distributors with high-quality feed and chicks at competitive prices. We offer training for farmers on best poultry practices and create thousands of direct and indirect rural employment opportunities. 

    In turn, this will help meet consumer demand for more chicken and fish at affordable prices. It will also result in a reduction in the foreign exchange currency spent by Nigeria on illegal low quality frozen imports, which is estimated at US$150.0 million to US$200.0 million per year.


    Waste Reduction 

    The Animal Feeds and Protein Business builds on our existing strengths in sourcing maize and soy for the mills. We utilise by-products from our Wheat-Milling Business, and achieve synergies from cross-sharing with our other operations in Nigeria.


    Animal Welfare

    Olam cares deeply about the welfare of farm animals in our production systems. We comply with all applicable laws in relation to our chicken operations in the countries in which we operate, including environmental regulations. We align our practices with internationally recognised principles for the welfare of animals in livestock production systems as set out by the World Organisation for Animal Health to maintain a high standard of animal welfare in our operations. 


    Poultry Feed and Our Hatchery

    We operate Nigeria’s largest integrated animal feed mill, poultry breeding farm and day-old-chick (DOC) hatchery in Kaduna, and a second integrated poultry feed mill in Kwara.

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