Wheat Milling

    Our wheat milling operations focus on Sub Saharan Africa (SSA), which is the largest consumer of wheat after North Africa and the Middle East.

    We’ve achieved success by maximising our experience in Africa, while also building significant operations which allow us to pass on the cost-savings to our customers. With the acquisition of Amber Foods, we’re now also a major manufacturer of pasta for Nigeria.

    Our physical presence in major origin and consuming countries for these products has given us an in-depth understanding of local market dynamics, helping us develop long-standing relationships with both producers and consumers.


    “We are intensely focused on developing deep insights into consumer behaviour, fostering long term and lasting relationships with customers, building operating leverage, optimising cost and business processes and creating one of the most efficient wheat milling businesses in Africa.”

    Saurabh Mehra
    Senior Vice President and Global Head, Milling, Olam Grains

    Building Relationships and Listening

    The team works closely with different bakeries undertaking product trials and listening to consumer feedback, which forms a crucial input into our product development. We tailor-make products that meet their specific requirements.



    We source the wheat for the mills from major producing regions such as North and South America, Europe and Australia, managing all the risks across the supply chain and then generating efficient blends for producing flour.


    Sub-Saharan Africa: One of the World's Fastest Growing Wheat Flour Markets

    African imports 33 million metric tonnes (MT) of wheat, or 60% of its consumption, and Sub-Saharan Africa imports 15 million MT, accounting for roughly 10-12% of global trade.

    The climate in Sub-Saharan Africa is not conducive for wheat production, so the region is likely to remain a net wheat importer for the foreseeable future, and is expected to grow at a pace of 4-5% each year.

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