Forest Concessions

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Certification Resources
  • Concession Pokola Download [2MB, zip]
  • Concession Mimbeli Download [5MB, zip]
  • Concession Loundoungou Download [1.7MB, zip]
  • Concession Kabo Download [2.5MB, zip]
  • COC - Certifications for Olam and the CIB Download [1.7MB, zip]
  • Identificatrion et gestion des FHVC 2018 Download [26.2MB, PDF]
  • Rapport FHVC 2019 Download [3.6MB, PDF]
  • Operations Handbook Download [9.5MB, PDF]

Forest Carbon Initiatives

In partnership with the Republic of Congo, we operate a pioneering REDD+ initiative to realise value from 92,530 hectares of standing forest in our Pikounda Nord concession in the heart of the Congo River Basin. The objective of this pilot initiative is to generate alternative revenues from sustainably managed forest landscapes by valuing the forest as a carbon sink and to originate carbon credits for the pre-compliance Voluntary Carbon market. This market is considered best practice and recognised by the global carbon community as able to generate solid and marketable credits.

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