Processing and Products

Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB)

CIB has a proven track record in delivering high quality and sustainably sourced timber products for over 50 years. Our timber comes exclusively from our own forest concessions in the Republic of Congo. 

Our extensive and responsible concession management experience has allowed us to gain significant knowledge, which means we recommend the right species and product to meet specific needs, while our investments in processing technology means we produce to the highest specifications. At each stage of the production process, we exercise great care to preserve the unique colours, strength and overall quality of the timber. Our logistics team ensures the cargo reaches its destination on time. 

The restaurant La Forestiere in the Republic of Congo, Olam.
Stacks of branded lumber, responsibly sourced by wholly-owned subsidiary of Olam, Concorde Industries.

Concorde Industries Limited (CIL)

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Olam International Limited, Concorde Industries Limited is a leader in processing high-grade teak and hardwood logs from Myanmar. We offer custom cutting in a state-of-the-art sawmill in Hlaing, Yangon and process round logs into sawn timber and finished products from logs sourced only from Myanmar. All logs are purchased from the Myanmar Timber Enterprise, the government agency with sole legal authority for selling logs. 

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