We have a passion for cocoa that spans continents. 

From our farmer suppliers, to our customers, and on into the lives of consumers worldwide, we are invested in every link of the cocoa supply chain. 

As a fully integrated cocoa business, we are the leading originator of cocoa beans and a globally leading processor of cocoa powders, cocoa masses and cocoa butters. Our ingredients inspire the creation of products that delight the senses with flavour, texture, and colour.

Our unparalleled presence in cocoa producing regions and our processing capabilities are enhanced by R&D expertise at our Cocoa Innovation Centres and by our market intelligence skills.

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Sustainable cocoa production

Our goal is to achieve 100% traceable and sustainable cocoa volumes from our direct origination supply chain by 2020.

Millions of people around the world depend on cocoa for their livelihoods. We believe in creating a fully sustainable cocoa supply chain, in focusing on traceability and its proper measurement to ensure supply chain integrity, and in building a framework of international policies and best practices that provide cocoa farmers and their communities with long-term, positive support.

Sustainability programmes now span Africa, Asia and South America, supplying traceable, certified and sustainable cocoa beans and cocoa products to the global cocoa and chocolate industries. Learn more. 

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We craft the world’s most consistently delightful cocoa ingredients. 

Supported by detailed market research and innovative cocoa R&D solutions, we provide premium, value and origin-specific cocoa powders, cocoa masses and cocoa butters that inspire the creation of new and unique recipes. 

Our cocoa ingredients are available in an array of technically specific formulations that support the entire spectrum of application possibilities, from dairy, biscuits and bakery, to beverages, ice creams and frozen desserts, cereals and chocolate confectionery. 

Cocoa product brands

The Olam Cocoa portfolio includes the deZaan, Unicao, Joanes, Macao, Huysman, and Britannia brands.

Our cocoa products are organised around the three key elements of consistency, quality and functionality (flavour, colour and performance in application) and the 3 cocoa ingredient categories of cocoa powders, cocoa masses and cocoa butters. 

Covering 11 major cocoa producing countries, we procure cocoa beans from an ever-expanding network of 650,000 farmers.

As Africa is the source of more than 70% of the world’s cocoa crop, it is the heart of our cocoa bean sourcing operations and we are the leading exporter from the continent. Our African footprint spans Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) in West Africa, as well as Tanzania and Uganda in East Africa.

In Asia, we have an established, market leading position in our sourcing operations, with procurement mainly from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In South America we have a strong operation in Brazil and an expanding presence in Ecuador. We also source from niche geographies, supplying fine-flavour cocoa for chocolate connoisseurs worldwide.

We are one of the world’s leading processors of cocoa powder, cocoa mass (also known as cocoa liquor or cocoa paste), and cocoa butter.

Our 11 processing facilities (plus powder milling, blending and refining) have a capacity of 700,000 metric tonnes and are strategically based either in the main producing countries or in primary consumption markets to optimise transportation and environmental efficiencies.

European and North American markets are served by processing facilities in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. The increasing demand for cocoa flavoured products in Asia is served by our cocoa factory in Singapore.

Our sales and trading offices are located in every major cocoa consumption market worldwide.

We also leverage the presence of other Olam group offices to create a global cocoa service offering that supports customer needs, whether they are a major multi-national producing FMCG or a bean-to-bar chocolate producer.

As one of the leading traders of cocoa products, our team continuously monitors the global market, short- and long-term trends, and futures positions. Additional cocoa market intelligence is gleaned from a multitude of sources to help customers make informed procurement decisions that are backed by world-class trading and risk management guidance.

Innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind each new cocoa product we bring to market.

Our six Cocoa Innovation Centres (CIC), with R&D professionals in Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, develop tailor-made cocoa ingredient solutions for chocolate, confectionery, dairy, biscuit and bakery, beverage, ice cream and dessert applications supported by comprehensive quality testing and precision processing.

Every year we launch new and exciting cocoa powders to meet the unique needs of both individual customers and broad market trends. Whether for new product development (NPD), improving product quality, recipe reformulation and reinvention, shortening product formulation and development timelines, special application projects, or simply to enhance manufacturing efficiencies, our Cocoa Product Development and Innovation experts around the world provide a comprehensive range of bespoke support services. 

Contact our Innovation team to arrange a CIC visit, to join one of our focused application Seminars, or to attend a new product Innovation Day.

“We have an absolute dedication to Growing Responsibly and I personally encourage anyone who enjoys the many pleasures provided by cocoa to join our efforts in creating a sustainable market environment of traceability, transparency and trust.” 

Gerard A. Manley
Managing Director & CEO, Olam Cocoa

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