Tackling Deforestation
Download to read Olam Cocoa's CFI action plans
  • Olam Cocoa CFI Narrative Download [538KB, PDF]
  • Olam Cocoa CFI Action Plan for Côte d'Ivoire Download [107KB, PDF]
  • Olam Cocoa CFI Action Plan for Ghana Download [145KB, PDF]
  • Olam Cocoa CFI Press Release Download [69KB, PDF]

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Child labour monitoring and remediation

As part of Olam’s supply chain, SCINPA is committed to the eradication of child labour on cocoa farms and has set up a Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation System.

Child Labour in Cocoa: Why It’s So Hard to Combat and What We’re Doing About It

60% of child labour is in the agricultural sector. That’s a staggering fact made more concerning when you learn in West Africa, where 70% of the world’s cocoa is sourced, 2.1 million children work in cocoa fields.

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