Almond Processing

We provide multiple customised ingredient formats for both natural and blanched almonds.

The formats include whole, diced, slivered, meal and split, using advanced technologies to keep the flavour and nutritional values intact.

The processing of almonds after harvest is in 2 stages. First, the hull is removed followed by the in-shell, leaving behind the kernel. Kernels are then sent for sizing, grading and packing. 

A state-of-the-art BRC certified processing facility near Mildura in Northern Victoria, Australia, ensures full single-point control of almond quality, traceability and safety from orchard to customer. For additional processing capacity in both Australia and California, we have also developed strong relationships with reliable operators.

Our new blanching and ingredient processing facility in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam conforms to the world’s best food safety and quality standards. Roasting is undertaken on variable capacity lines capable of processing various grades of almonds with consistent flavour, aroma and texture.

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Australia's largest almond producer

Supplying to the domesic market and over 15 countries worldwide. 

Solving the need for bees

About one in every three bites of food we consume requires a pollinator in order to be produced.

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