Food Staples

Olam’s involvement in the food staples and packaged foods segment includes rice, sugar and dairy products, packaged foods and edible oils.

Our physical presence in major origin and consuming countries for these products has given us an in-depth understanding of local market dynamics, helping us develop long-standing relationships with both producers and consumers.

Our sugar business benefits from its many synergies with our rice business, among them shared customers and costs. This commonality, together with similar distribution channels, has helped us initiate and develop our dairy business in 2004.

Our Packaged Foods business was set up in 2005 with our launch of retail consumer packs in selected emerging markets, ones where we had strong presence and in depth local market knowledge. From a modest start, we have expanded this business across several geographies in Africa, building retail-distribution depth across these markets with a wide range of product categories.

Our Edible Oils business has a clear focus on upstream plantations, midstream processing and distribution across niche markets.

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Through our own farms, long-standing relationships with farmers, as well as in-country processing, we can navigate supply demand dynamics for food staples.

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