Packaged Foods

Maximising our deep heritage in Africa, we manufacture and market a range of branded packaged foods to consumers across multiple markets.

Get in touch with our Packaged Foods team:

Africa is poised to be the fastest growing continent for consumer products over the next few decades. Thanks to our ingredients and processing experience, we have established a strong packaged foods business producing tasty and affordable products suited to national cooking styles and preferences.

Along with many other products, our R&D teams have helped us to launch a range of refreshing yoghurt drinks which appeals to Nigerian palates (FreshYo) while our unique innovation in cream biscuits – one biscuit with a combination of two delicious creams (Chic Choc Twingles) has proved to be a winner. We’ve worked, too, on satisfying a massive demand for tomato paste, a central ingredient in Nigerian cooking, and indeed many African dishes (Tasty Tom and DeRica). We are also addressing fortification and other nutritional requirements.

We now have leading positions in most of the categories that we participate in. This has been achieved through a strong distribution set up that reaches to the smallest towns and villages in each of our target markets.

Our brands are supported by our Innovation Centre and deep insights on African consumers’ needs and wants. 

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