Olam’s sugar operations include milling, distribution and trading.

We use our expertise in crops, trade flow, supply/demand and risk management to support our customers and suppliers in building their businesses. 


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We own 2 sugar mills in India – Barwani in Madhya Pradesh and Rajgoli in Maharashtra, crushing in excess of 1 million tonnes of sugarcane from farmers, many of whom are in Olam Livelihood Charter Programmes. Following investments and introduction of best practices, we are proud to achieve one of the highest sugar recovery rates in India. Our plants are fully certified by major buyers. At our Rajgoli plant we generate bio-energy from bagasse (a sugarcane by-product) which we sell to the state grid.

In 2017 we signed a 50:50 joint venture with Mitr Phol Group, creating ‘Far East Agri’ (FEA). The JV with Mitr Phol, Asia’s largest sugar producer, includes the Indonesian refinery PT Dus. The refinery has a melting capacity of 250,000 tonnes and is currently undergoing expansion. We import raw sugar, mainly from Thailand and Australia, and refine it for sales to industrial clients across Indonesia. The JV is also actively seeking investment opportunities in the sugar milling sector.

Through our extensive distribution channels, we sell around 500,000 tonnes of white sugar to customers and end users across many geographies. Our keen customer focus, excellent execution and risk management make us a preferred choice for many of our customers.

We work with a limited number of customers and suppliers to offer them key insights.

Because we work across so many countries, we have a strong understanding of the global market. We combine information from our own network and external sources to build a sophisticated real-time picture of global trade flows. This helps us to manage our trade exposure prudently and help our customers to build their businesses.

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International Finance Corporation, Solidaridad and Olam International have partnered to bring sustainable sugarcane production to Indian farmers. 

OIam and Mitr Phol Group

Joint venture for integrated sugar milling and refining in Indonesia.

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