We supply various grades of single and compound nitrogen-, phosphate- and potash-based fertilisers to farmers across Africa and other selective parts the world.

We give farmers guidance for appropriate fertiliser usage and other farm services. We actively promote and encourage sustainable practices as a core part of our business model and work with the farming community to focus on quality and efficiency.

In smallholder supply chains, for emerging market crops like coffee and cocoa, we train farmers on how best to apply fertiliser and how to combine it with organic methods such as mulching and composting. This is good for the soil, minimises greenhouse gas emissions and reduces costs for the farmer.

To meet long-term supply requirements of nitrogen-based fertilisers which have a very fragmented supply base, we are constructing a 1.3 million MT Granular Urea plant in Gabon using natural gas as feed stock in a joint venture with the Republic of Gabon. Olam holds an 80% interest in the joint venture while the Republic of Gabon holds the balance. In line with our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, we are in talks with potential strategic partners to co-share our investment in the project.

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