Quality and Innovation Centre

This cross-functional team has expertise in product development, food microbiology, analytical chemistry, quality assurance, facility audits, technical documentation, and regulatory affairs. 

In our product development kitchen, food technologists develop concepts, test ingredients, and evaluate flavour, aroma, texture and appearance. This is also where we work side by side with customers to collaborate on product development. 

In the food chemistry laboratory, we use some of the most advanced tools available to test key attributes of food products. This analytical testing is investigative in nature, giving insights into our own products as well as other products in the market place. 

In the microbiology laboratory, our team conduct project-based studies. Their work helps ensure products are microbiologically safe. They also conducts training to ensure that day-to-day testing meets strict requirements. 

The work of our technical team at the Innovation and Quality Centre allows us to continuously innovate and improve, while ensuring our food products are safe, of a high quality, and exactly what our customers expect.

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