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Our specialty products include parsley and a variety of truly satisfying purees providing our customers the convenience of year-round access to spice and vegetable ingredients.

Our purees are the highest quality and ultimate in convenience. Harvested at the peak of freshness, our purees provide natural flavour and colour.

We offer frozen, gardenfrost, and shelf-stable formats with extensive finishing capabilities, including roasting. Our customers can also take advantage of our Innovation and Quality Centre at our headquarters in Fresno, California, where we work together to deliver the perfect flavour solution.

As the world’s largest producer of dried parsley, we offer customers full traceability and security of supply. We have direct relationships with our growers and process the product in our Halal, Kosher, and BRC certified facility in Firebaugh, California.

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Our parsley is the perfect partner to our wide array of complementary dried vegetable ingredients. We also offer premixed and custom blends to meet customer specifications. 

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Our parsley offerings include flakes and granules with premixed and custom blends to meet your specifications.

Our purees are the highest quality combined with the ultimate convenience. Harvested at the peak of freshness, our purees provide fresh and natural flavour and colour.

We can customise purees to produce organic, non-GMO, and gourmet flavours. We can extract properties for flavour, colour, and nutrients, and we are able to optimise for operational efficiencies through our industrial and food service packaging capabilities.

The results are fresh, well-rounded varieties of flavour with the perfect storage, production, and packaging formats for all customer applications. 

With a wide variety of specialty products grown and sourced all over the world, Olam can ensure full traceability and security of supply.

No matter the product, we can offer consistent quality you can taste. Continual and reliable access to product allows us to turn ideas into fresh tasting, contemporary foods any time of the year.

When it comes to food safety, we are able to mitigate risk thanks to our exceptional control over the supply chain.

All plants are BRC-certified reflecting superior traceability, food safety and quality controls.

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Thanks to our global network and our close relationships with growers, we’re the world’s number one for spices, garlic, onions, capsicum and specialty vegetables.

Innovating for the future

Taking agricultural sustainability mainstream – Olam launches AtSource

Supply chain insights and data to drive transformational change for farmers, rural communities and planet.

Ingredients as you like them

At our Innovation and Quality Center in Fresno, California, our technical team works to make sure we’re continuously improving to bring value to our customers.

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