We are one of the few US tomato processors that has invested in the use of a T.A.S.T.E. evaporator, (Thermally Accelerated Short-Time Evaporation) resulting in superior tomato flavour and colour of our tomato paste products.

As the largest organic tomato processor, we understand how to address variability at the operational level, sparking innovation across all platforms. Our organic tomato operations have the longest processing season of any supplier, providing reliabilty and higher quality.

Within the tomato processing industry, Olam is a leader in product, process and packaging innovation. This includes formulation development based on customer requirements for RTD sauces, condiments, ketchup, salsas, clean label tomato purees, canned tomato products and industrial pizza sauces suitable for clean transfer process.   

We also produce a wide range of tomato ingredients including cold break tomato paste with high colour and lycopene, hot break tomato paste with high thickness, serving the entire world customised tomato paste.

Our peeled and diced tomatoes have superior taste, texture. Olam’s clean label and value-added tomato purees and sauces bring out the best tomato flavour in finished products. 

We uniquely can incorporate a wide range of fresh vegetables in our product, creating 'chunky' and 'crunchy' textures within our range.  

Through grower relationships, we oversee the entire process from planting to harvesting, ensuring full traceability and security of supply. All tomatoes are grown in the California sun within a 90-mile radius to one of our 2 processing facilities located in Lemoore and Williams. During fresh pack, we can package products within 8 hours of harvest in finished products.

Our investments in sustainability, process technologies, research and development, and innovation support our hard-working product mix, contributing value throughout the supply chain.

Our complete control of the supply chain from growing to processing ensures the highest level of food safety and product security.

We have strategically placed processing facilities in different geographical zones, providing diverse weather, pest and water related risks so we can guarantee our customers a secure supply.

We continually review our operations to ensure we operate in the most sustainable way. Our tomato pomace by-product, including seeds and peel, is used as an ingredient for soil compost, diverting over 20,000 tonnes from landfill.

100% of the water from the plant is discharged to viable fields for reuse and groundwater re-charge.

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Thanks to our global network and our close relationships with growers, we’re the world’s number one for spices, garlic, onions, capsicum and specialty vegetables.

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At our Innovation and Quality Center in Fresno, California, our technical team works to make sure we’re continuously improving to bring value to our customers.

Taking agricultural sustainability mainstream – Olam launches AtSource

Supply chain insights and data to drive transformational change for farmers, rural communities and planet.

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