Our operations in Brazil commenced in 2002, and have continued to evolve ever since. Our focus has changed in line with our customers’ needs.

    Coffee, Cocoa and Spices

    Through Group company ofi, we offer a range of high-quality coffee, cocoa and spices, sourced from local farmers and intermediaries across the growing regions.

    To learn more about the different products available and how we work with our supplier partners, explore our ofi site.

    Growing Responsibly

    All our procurement in Brazil comes under the Olam Supplier Code, which provides a comprehensive set of conditions to support our goal to purchase raw materials and products produced in a manner that’s socially responsible, economically profitable and environmentally sustainable. We’re also working with smallholder farmers to improve yields and incomes.

    Our employees are actively initiating and participating in community programmes focused on promoting child welfare, education and health. 

    AtSource - Closing the Nutrient Loop

    Old coffee trees have been given a second life through repurposing them as compost to grow new ones.

    AtSource - Cultivating Environmental Awareness

    These children have been learning about the importance of water conservation from Olam’s agronomists.

    Olam as an Employer

    Whether it’s a seasonal or a permanent position you’re interested in, we seek talented individuals to join our team and offer a range of opportunities to grow – no pun intended!

    Visit our careers section for more information on the types of roles and vacancies available.


    Risk Management Solutions

    We use our expertise in the Brazilian agri-business sector to provide customised risk management solutions for producers, processors, millers and merchants. 

    Talk to Our Team

    Whether you’re interested in speaking to our country management team, enquiring about one of our products or partnering with us, we want to hear from you.

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