Growing Responsibly

All of our procurement in Brazil comes under the Olam Supplier Code, which provides a comprehensive set of conditions to support our goal to purchase raw materials and products that are produced in a manner that is socially responsible, economically profitable and environmentally sustainable. We are also working with smallholder farmers to improve yields and incomes.

Our employees are actively initiating and participating in community programmes focused on promoting child welfare, education and health. And we have joined various industry bodies to further the cause for sustainable economic development, such as CECAFE (Coffee) and AIPC Cocoa Processors Association (AIPC).

Closing the nutrient loop
Cultivating environmental awareness in school children

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We employ over 1,535 people who operate from 32 locations across 11 states.

M.Sathyamurthy, Olam's Regional Head Latin America
M. Sathyamurthy Regional Head Latin America
Woody cotton plant with a ripe bol. Olam started cashew operations in Brazil in 2002 and expanded into other products, including cotton, subsequently.

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