Man and woman in rice paddy in Nigeria working together

    Providing Food Feed and Fibre

    Whether it's working with rice farmers in Africa, growing cotton in Australia, or developing innovative ingredients in Asia, we help our customers meet increasing consumer demands for sustainable sourcing and healthy foods.

    Establihed in 1989
    Over 81,000 employees
    Sourcing from over 5m farmers
    Operating in over 60 countries

    We are a leading food and agri-business, supplying food ingredients, feed and fibre to thousands of customers worldwide, ranging from multi-national organisations with world famous brands to small family run businesses.

    Living Our Purpose

    With our sector facing huge challenges, we aim to re-imagine global agriculture so that it is better for the over 5 million farmers in our extended supply chain, their communities and our planet.

    Our commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic

    As we continue to navigate COVID-19, we have seen first-hand the impact this pandemic has on people and communities across our different geographies.

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    Caring for the Communities That We Work With

    Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our everyday decision making as a business, not as a separate goal or intention. We share a sense of purpose that motivates our actions. Over 3,000 dedicated staff members are embedded in our organisation worldwide to help and support our businesses embrace sustainable practices, outcomes, and reporting.

    A Future at Olam: Imagine the Extraordinary

    At Olam, we will empower you to find ingenious answers to daily challenges. Give you the autonomy to invent solutions that re-invent the way that we do things. And support you to think and act out of the ordinary so that you can have an extraordinary, lasting impact - on our business, on people's lives and on the environment.

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