Healthy Soils

    Our goal is to protect soil and help restore degraded land.

    Degraded soil affects nearly one third of the Earth's land area, impacted in part by poor management practices, population pressures on the land and use of expensive chemical fertilisers and labour-intensive organic nutrients. This results in enormous costs to the environment as well as to society's social and economic value.

    Our Initiatives Include

    • Investing in by-product conversion for our own farms and plantations, replacing tonnes of chemical fertiliser with organic matter

    • Training farmers to increase organic matter through compost, household waste, leaves and pulp.

    • Farmer training to reduce evaporation by planting agroforestry trees for shade, and intercropping with leguminous trees and food crops

    • Education provided for farmers on usage of appropriate application of inorganic fertilisers while giving them more access to them. 

    We Scale Impact Through Sector Initiatives

    More About Healthy Soils

    A Blend of Work

    Blending coffee with agroforestry for prosperous farmers and living landscapes.

    Pairing Coffee with Lemongrass

    The rich mix of volcanic soil of the Isale region in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and plentiful moisture fed through from the Great Lakes, provides fertile ground for happy, healthy coffee trees.

    Closing the Nutrient Loop

    Old coffee trees have been given a second life through repurposing them as compost to grow new ones.

    Talk to Us About Sustainability

    We encourage conversation and aim to build connections with those that share our passion for sustainability.

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