Olam Food Ingredients (ofi)

    ofi is a global leader in naturally good food and beverage ingredients and solutions.

    Olam Food Ingredients is now known as ofi. Focused on the raw materials and ingredient platforms that we're known for globally - cocoa, coffee, dairy, nuts, and spices. We still offer everything we did before. What’s new is that we’re adding capabilities - especially in product development - working closely with our customers, sharing our fresh ideas to inspire new concepts. Making it real at every step, from plant to palate.

    Proposed demerger and IPO of ofi

    ofi was created in early 2020 following a re-organisation of Olam to unlock and maximise Olam’s long-term value, including an IPO and concurrent demerger. ofi intends to seek a primary listing on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange, and a concurrent secondary listing in Singapore.

    ofi figures

    "True partnerships can lead to extraordinary outcomes, especially when there’s a common goal, shared ethics and the desire to co-create. At ofi we strive for innovation across the length and breadth of our value chains. We bring unique solutions combining plant science, provenance and sustainability impact with multiple on-trend food applications, to help our customers differentiate and grow."

    A. Shekhar
    Chief Executive Officer, ofi

    It’s easy to make something taste amazing. It’s much harder to fill it with nutritional benefits too. And what about making sure it’s ethically sourced and right for the planet?

    With a common thread through consumption and category trends, our ingredients enable a myriad of opportunities to create naturally good food and beverage products for your consumers. Our fresh ideas fit well with applications for bakery, beverage, chocolate and confectionery, dairy and dessert, savory and culinary and snacking categories. Also, offering many opportunities for those plant-based options that have become so popular.

    We deliver value, support growth and create impact for our customers with our fresh ideas, ingredients and solutions that are:

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