Climate Action

    We aim to reduce, mitigate and be able to adapt to the impacts of changing weather patterns. 

    Agriculture, forestry and other land use sectors account for almost a quarter of manmade global warming pollution, and its farmers, suppliers, processors, and broader communities often suffer its direct and indirect effects on livelihoods and health. Another key source of this challenge is processing, as well as transportation, both land and sea.

    Our Initiatives Include

    • Participation in both Olam and sector programmes to build smallholder farmer resilience through
    • Climate-smart agricultural practices
    • Regenerating landscapes with the aim of net positive carbon impact
    • Monitoring and prohibiting conversion or degradation of critical habitats
    • Minimising emissions from farming, processing and transport
    • Public commitment and reporting via the Science Based Target Initiative and CDP 

    Reporting on Goals and Progress

    We report on the goals and targets in the Natural Capital section of our 2020 Annual Report. Updates include:  

    • How Olam Cocoa is reducing natural capital impacts through Cocoa Compass
    • How AtSource provides sophisticated environmental footprinting and transformational programme opportunities for customers to take action with us
    • How we use our Forest Loss Risk Index and Olam Farmer Information System (OFIS) to assess risk and tailor sustainable farm management plans for smallholders 
    • How we’re sharing OFIS technology with the Wildlife Conservation Society
    • How we’re developing new solutions under our Strategic Plan to help people measure their carbon footprint and take action, as well as exploring a carbon trading and land tokenisation platform.

    Other Ways We’re Tackling Climate Change

    AtSource Infinity

    On a tropical mountainside in Mexico, farmers are planting new coffee saplings and forest trees. Find out how this reforestation project conserves biodiversity and provides sustainable livelihoods.

    Rice Cultivation

    Over a 20 year period, methane is up to 72 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, accounting for a significant proportion of the global warming we experience today.

    Increasing Climate Temperatures

    We focus on a number of areas to help smallholders mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

    Talk to Us About Sustainability

    We encourage conversation and aim to build connections with those that share our passion for sustainability.

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