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We are a leading food and agri-business supplying a broad portfolio of products to over 19,800 customers.

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We are re-imagineers

Our Purpose is to re-imagine global agriculture and food systems.

Agriculture faces huge environmental and social challenges. Our plantation and processing experience, coupled with our year-round presence working with farmers in remote regions, means that we are in a strong position to re-imagine global agriculture for the better. Our vision is to create Living Landscapes where prosperous farmers and thriving communities live in harmony with healthy eco-systems. 

Building innovation through…

Research and devlopment in our products means that we can create better quality, great tasting and more reliable products through innovation in yield optimisation, flavours and disease resistance, which in turn makes fulfilled customers and better livelihoods for our farmers.


Our innovative onion breeding programme has succeeded in producing higher solid content with lower water consumption without compromising on taste. Learnings are being used to help improve yields, boost disease resistance and reduce acreage in other products.
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The Olam Cocoa team developed deZaan TrueDark, the first, medium brown, dark natural cocoa powder, without alkali processing. TrueDark was purposefully crafted to meet increasing customer demand for natural and unadulterated foods and sustainable, transparent and clean labelling.
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25th June 2019
Olam bags awards in four categories at the Sustainable Business Awards
28 September 2018
SIAS 19th Investors’ Choice Awards
7th September 2018
Winner at the Singapore Sustainability Reporting Awards (SSRA) 2018

Our latest awards

It’s always an honour to find that the way we do business has been recognised by others. In recent years, we have been proud to receive awards for excellence in sustainability, leadership, management, corporate responsibility, investor relations, corporate governance, transparency and the way we manage our workforce.

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