Education & Skills

    We want to support farming communities and our workforce to improve their technical and vocational skills.

    Access to educational resources as well as technical skills development is uneven – if not wholly unavailable – in many places around the world, which denies people the opportunity to improve their economic conditions. Needs can range from the basics of reading and writing to the operation of advanced machinery, and the application of management processes and planning. Every culture is different, as are communities.

    Our Initiatives Include

    • Service centres and extension staff networks from which farmers can seek advice, and digital channels for agronomic guidance

    • Vocational traineeships, peer education and scholarships, including special programmes for women 

    • Education and skills development opportunities for Olam employees

    • Facilitating the transfer of skills from expats to national employees 

    • School materials, equipment, and infrastructure

    More About Education and Skills

    Skills-building in Our Value Chains

    Our Animal Feed and Protein business provides veterinary traineeships, through which 50 university graduates received on-the-job training from senior farm supervisors.

    Farmer Field Schools

    Getting plant nutrition right is increasingly difficult, but essential, in unpredictable climate conditions.

    Parity for Rural Women

    Olam’s ambition to improve smallholder farmer livelihoods can’t be fully achieved without addressing gender equality.

    Talk to Us About Sustainability

    We encourage conversation and aim to build connections with those that share our passion for sustainability.

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